The Other Critics

Rocca Gets a Rave; Posto is Practically Perfect

• Devra First gives Rocca a glowing three star review, noting that chef Tiffani Faison has been hampered by her stint on Top Chef: “Enough. From here on out, Faison will not be known as “Tiffani from ‘Top Chef.’ ’’ She should just be known as the killer cook she is. After stints at the likes of Straight Wharf in Nantucket and o ya, she has created at Rocca one of those incredibly beguiling menus that make you want to eat everything on it. Her flavors are bold, unusual, and strikingly combined. There’s nothing crazy — this is just real food, influenced by modern Italy — but there’s also nothing you’re going to see on other menus around town.” [Globe]

• Mat Schaffer crowns Somerville’s Posto with a very positive B+: “Pizzerias don’t come any better than Posto in Davis Square, Somerville.” [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau has one lone star for Somerville’s Pulse Cafe, where the nicest thing he can say is “I was not offended by the chocolate mousse made with silken tofu.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats heads over to Seema’s in Norwood and loves the spinach pakora: “The dish has great crunch and the scatter of red pepper flakes is offset by cooling cilantro and mint chutney.” [Globe]

• The Dig gives Noche three and a half stars. The restaurant showcases “a mix of Latin and Asian flavors to create light, power-packed portions of food. Collier’s an impressive young chef (he’s only 29); he balances the big, bold flavor profiles of these two cuisines, so they enhance each other rather than vie for supremacy.” [Dig]

• MC Slim JB drops by Chutney’s, which “adds up to a pretty attractive, tasty deal — one of the better fast-food options for tourists, students, and time-pressed workers in Harvard Square.” [Phoenix]

Rocca Gets a Rave; Posto is Practically Perfect