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Updated: RNM Really Pretty Much Closed, Available for Purchase

Photo: Courtesy of RNM

Rumor has it that Justine Miner, chef and part owner of RNM, has no real intention of reopening the restaurant after she returns stateside from an extended trip. The restaurant closed suddenly in early June under the auspices of a three-month remodel which we thought sounded a little fishy. Though the place is not yet officially on the market, a neighborhood source tells Grub Street that the restaurant didn’t close for lack of business, and that Miner is “just pretty much done with the restaurant business.”

Having proven herself with the eight-year-old, popular neighborhood eatery, Miner recently got married and is now traveling abroad. It may be that she wants to keep her options open for her return, and she allegedly does not need to sell for financial reasons, but the source tells us that she would likely let go of the place as a turnkey deal if the right offer came along. She is not likely to want to reopen it herself.

If you or someone you know is a chef without a home at the moment, they might want to consider this prime corner spot in a pretty lively, and not super foodie, neighborhood. Update: The rumor’s confirmed, via a convo with the Scoop. The place will be on the market soon. [Scoop]

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Updated: RNM Really Pretty Much Closed, Available for Purchase