Rivera’s Menu Becomes Four Different Menus

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Artistic chef John Rivera Sedlar is starting the cross-continental adventure that will lead to his heavily anticipated R26, where he’s promised to explore the cuisine of various countries that share Spanish roots. Feast takes a look at new dramatic changes made to Rivera’s menu, which keeps a few favorites, while adding three additional menus that are broken into styles and served in different parts of the restaurant. Sedlar shares his M.O. with editor Carole Dixon, explaining, “What we are tying to do is connect the ancient history of the past with how we eat in Los Angeles…So this is a long story….we start with North African, Moroccan and Arabic influenced food.” And which regions influence the new menus?

There’s a Spanish “Sangre” section full of tequila bottles and Iberian-influenced cuisine, plus a Samba menu with food from the Southern continent served at the bar, and a “Playa” menu that bigs up Baja seafood and other coastal Mexican eats at a communal table. Dishes peeked at include Ecuadorian crudo, a pasilla stuffed with braised goat, tempura chile crab, and a chile verde meuniere served in a huge clam shell. A dessert menu is also being added and a tequila tasting menu is expected soon. Feast also drops the crucial tip that making reservations at Rivera now comes with the need to specify which area you want to dine in, as the menus aren’t apparently carrying through different sections. Reservations can be made at 213-749-1460.

John Sedlar Reveals New Rivera Menus and Plans for R26 [Rivera]

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Rivera’s Menu Becomes Four Different Menus