Play Bocce Ball with Tony Mantuano at the Nichols Farm and Orchard

Tony Mantuano
Tony Mantuano Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Looking for a way to get out of the city during the summer and also a way to hang out with Tony Mantuano? Well, on August 15 Spiaggia is hosting a luncheon with Nichols Farm and Orchard in Marengo. Hop on a chartered bus, play bocce ball and/or croquet, and enjoy a three-course lunch featuring grilled pizza, lamb legs, and “Tony’s Nichols Farm Summer Potato Salad.” For the bocce ball alone we’re giving the $150 cost per person a thumbs up. Check out the full details below.

Nichols Farm and Orchard has been a fixture at the Green City Market for years, and this is the second year for the Spiaggia event.

What: Spiaggia Farm Luncheon at Nichols Farm and Orchard. Join Spiaggia for a luncheon that brings together the restaurant’s favorite things; the food and wine of Spiaggia and the farm-fresh produce of Nichol’s Farm and Orchard. Spend the afternoon with Chef/Partner Tony Mantuano, Executive Chef Sarah Grueneberg, Sommelier Steven W. Alexander and the Nichols Farm Family as you indulge in the first summer harvest right where it’s grown. Guests will travel to Nichols Farm on a chartered bus from Spiaggia and while at Nichols will have a tour of the property, enjoy a three-course lunch, play games such as bocce ball, croquet and participate in a Nichols Farm ‘Quickfire Challenge’ similar to that of “Top Chef Masters.” Highlights include: Flame grilled Farm Pizza, Slow Roasted Wisconsin Lamb Legs, Tony’s Nichols Farm Summer Potato Salad, Hand cut rosemary potato chips and Biscotti Misti along with an assortment of other desserts.

Where: Nichols Farm and Orchard, Marengo, Illinois. Bus departs Spiaggia, 980 North Michigan Avenue, at 11 a.m. scheduled to return at 7 p.m.

When: August 15th, 2010

Reservations: Call 312.280.2750 or email Alexandra Barton

Cost: $150

Play Bocce Ball with Tony Mantuano at the Nichols Farm and Orchard