!No Jodas! Truck Needs It Mouth Washed Out with Jabón

Photo: !No Jodas Truck!

We don’t know whether to blame Pinches Tacos or Great Balls on Tires for leading us to this, but a new low has been reached in naming restaurants with scant regard to vulgarity. Eater reports that an “ethnic” Cuban food truck is debuting with the name “!No Jodas!” Last we checked, and Teenage Glutster’s Javier Cabral is kind enough to confirm via IM, the name more or less means “Don’t fuck around.” It’s hard not to appreciate the aggressive over-confidence of owner Johnny Dycus, but surely the guy comprehends that a few people speak Spanish around here. We know at least one reader who will not be pleased with this name.

A commenter wrote us in March regarding Pinches’ opening in Culver City, “As a Mexican American, I find the name to be offensive and unnecessary….Shame on the owners for selecting such a vulgar name for what could have been a new a great place to eat.” Don’t worry, reader, you’re not missing much.

Now, if Dycus’s mobile Cuban food actually has anything to add to L.A., maybe we’ll understand that he couldn’t consider “Comida Guajira” or “Havana Nights” or something a little sweeter, if potentially more boring. Until then, there seems a definite double-standard on our streets that forces Spanish-speaking mothers to shield their kids’ eyes while Travis Lett could never name a place on Abbott-Kinney “Good Locally-Raised Shit.”

!No Jodas! Cuban Truck [Eater]

!No Jodas! Truck Needs It Mouth Washed Out with Jabón