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Nagrant Thinks Joey’s Shrimp Will “Rock Your Boat”; Eakin Digs into The Bad Apple’s $26 Burger

Photo: courtesy Thrillist

Michael Nagrant explores the history of the fried seafood shack in Chicago before visiting Joey’s Shrimp House, a new player in the game on Western Avenue. Mostly, he’s impressed. The $4 crab cakes, “might be the best crab cake value in the city,” while the hush puppies are “corn-meal-stuffed flavor bombs,” which, “will rock your boat.” [Newcity]

Though the “budget-buster” $26 Waygu Burger from The Bad Apple might not be worth the bar-and-grill atmosphere, Marah Eakin from the A.V. Club can’t help but conclude that the burger is, “huge, messy, and everything a good burger should be, but better. “It’s still more of an experience than a meal: “Everyone at the table will want to try it, and in turn, this burger’s probably better for sharing than it is for solo grubbing.” [A.V. Club]

Las Palmas has been open for over 25 years, but Pat Bruno returned to this Mexican spot because new chef Armando Gonzalez has helped “breathe new life into this restaurant.” The Sopa Azteca was, “as good as I have had anywhere,” and the La Calabaza Rellena was, “a definite bit of fun and good taste in every forkful.” [Sun-Times]

Pat Bruno also checks out The Piggery, which was, “a big surprise on several levels.” The space was “much bigger than I had imagined,” and the food was mostly good. The chili was “filling and fine,” but needed some spice. He enjoyed the “flavor, the texture and the roasted tomato sauce,” with the meatloaf. Luckily the pulled pork sandwich was, “terrific.” [Sun-Times]

Nagrant Thinks Joey’s Shrimp Will “Rock Your Boat”; Eakin Digs