Mr. Beef Struts Onto Muscle Beach

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Over Independence Day weekend, Chicago sent a tiny outpost of its beloved Mr. Beef to muscle its way onto the Venice boardwalk, across from Muscle Beach. Squid Ink details how this dipped beef sandwich and hot dog maker goes back to 1963, when it first opened on Chi-Town’s Orleans Street before expanding to five locations to satisfy ravenous demand. The new Venice shop was founded by a West Coast grandson of the two original owners, but he’s apparently still high on Windy City-pride, claiming to be the only L.A. joint serving “Vienna beef Chicago dogs, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, and Iltaco’s Pizza PUFF.” So, what does Grub Street Chicago recommend that we eat here?

Grub Street Chicago editor Nick Kindelsperger gets us stoked for Mr. Beef’s hot dips, pointing out that it won the Italian beef challenge on Travel Channel’s Food Wars and promising, “If they are even a fraction as good as the original, they’ll be great. Make sure to get it dipped and hot. There is no polite dipping allowed. You need to have the whole thing plunged into a vat of beef juices.” Sounds good, and don’t worry Chicago, you’re not the only ones who know how to play dirty with their food.

Chicago’s Mr. Beef Opens on the Venice Beach Boardwalk [Squid Ink]

Mr. Beef Struts Onto Muscle Beach