Meritage Debuts Korean Fried Chicken Tonight

Ann Coll
Ann Coll Photo: Christopher Gabello

Tonight, Chef Ann Coll debuts her take on Korean fried chicken with a $25 dinner-for-two special at Meritage. It’s just one of several menu specials that she’s come up with - Korean tacos and a weekly all vegan tasting menu are two more - since taking over the kitchen duties at the Rittenhouse Square restaurant a little more than a year ago. “It’s something I’ve been playing around with for staff meals for a while,” Coll told Grub Street. “Since it’s not readily available in Philadelphia, I thought it would be fun to try for a summer special.”

The $25 dinner includes five to six pieces of organic free-range chicken that’s marinated, breaded, twice fried (to ensure extra crispiness) and slathered with a Korean barbecue sauce. It’s accompanied with pickled daikon, pickled cauliflower, cold sesame spinach with garlic, sweet and sour sesame slaw, and a large can of Sapporo. The special will run every Thursday night from tonight through the end of summer.

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Meritage Debuts Korean Fried Chicken Tonight