White House Chefs Are Famous; Emeril’s New Show

• White House chefs are embracing fame and turning up on TV shows as ambassadors of the First Family and their enthusiasm for eating well. [AP]

• Following an investigation into the unsanitary preparation methods for airline food, Senator Charles Schumer is calling on the FDA to adopt stricter enforcement policies against airline catering companies. [USAT]

• Emeril Lagasse is filming a new twenty-episode series for the Cooking Channel called Fresh Food Fast; it premieres July 10. [USAT]

• Chefs in Europe are increasingly growing their own produce or sourcing their ingredients from local farms. [WSJ]

• The top brass at McDonald’s wants the company’s restaurants to stop selling their new smoothies in advance of the July 13 national launch date to avoid any shortages. [WSJ]

• Blogger Layne Mosler, author of Taxi Gourmet, spent the past year asking New York’s cabbies about their favorite restaurants; unsurprisingly, most are in Queens. [WSJ]

White House Chefs Are Famous; Emeril’s New Show