May the Pork Be With You: Darth Bacon Invades Philly

Darth Bacon
Darth Bacon Photo: Mr. Toast

The most refreshing part of L.A.’s Street Food Fest boondoggle was meeting Mr. Toast and his friends, a cuddly crew of plush dolls in the shape of breakfast foods, designed by artist Dan Goodsell. This Saturday, Goodsell is importing one of his comfort food creatures to Philadelphia for the city’s Vader Project Auction, a show with 100 Darth Vader helmets decorated by underground artists like Alex Pardee, Mr. Cartoon, Dalek, Ron English, Frank Kozik, and Paul Frank. And who will represent Mr. Toast’s posse here?

While the Vader domes cover the gamut of both fun and questionable taste, Goodsell keeps it simple by putting his grimacing “Shaky Bacon” character into Darth’s helmet to become Darth Bacon. Though he looks like an unintimidating Wookie snack, the bidding on many of these items will start at $1,500 and go past the ten-grand mark, making it the possibly most expensive piece of bacon on the planet as well as among galaxies far, far away. If you’re dying to add this guy to your own imperial empire or just have him in your breakfast nook, you can follow the auction online at Freeman’s.

If you live in The City of Brotherly Love, the helmets are on display there all week at 1808 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. 215-563-9275 .

May the Pork Be With You: Darth Bacon Invades Philly