Master Cleanse Is a Crock; Cupcakes Are Saving the NYC Economy

• A few facts about the Master Cleanse diet, which Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been excitedly twittering about. [CHOW]

• The Culinary Institute of America announced today that the topic of this year’s Worlds of Flavor conference will be Japan, and several Michelin 3-starred chefs from Japan, as well as Chang and Morimoto, will be on hand. [Worlds of Flavor]

• Kauffman wanders around with a scale trying to figure out who has the biggest torta Cubana, That’s It Market (2699 Mission) or Tortas Boos Voni (5170 Mission). [SFoodie]

• Fish Story, the Lark Creek restaurant in Napa’s Riverfront complex, has been pushed to September, but they’re offering free preview meals for two in exchange for your fish stories. [Eater]

• Cupcakes, and the restaurant industry in general, have helped improve the unemployment numbers in New York City. [WSJ/Metropolis]

• Cinnabon is reinventing itself as a cafe serving breakfast and lunch in addition to the rolls themselves. [NRN]

• POM Wonderful is suing Minute Maid for for claims that its blueberry-pomegranate juice has health benefits that are at all similar to POM’s products. [HuffPo]

Wine Spectactor senior editor James Suckling, one of the country’s most influential wine critics, is retiring. [The Booze Blog/Forbes]

Master Cleanse Is a Crock; Cupcakes Are Saving the NYC Economy