Just Sweet Brings a Magic Mountain of Shaved Ice to the East Village

After enjoying yesterday’s Serious Eats roundup of Queens cholados, we were powerfully hungry (thirsty?) for some version of shaved ice, so imagine our glee when we stumbled upon Just Sweet, a new Asian “dessert house” in the East Village. Located just a couple of blocks from Saint’s Alp Teahouse, it too serves bubble tea, but aside from a couple of savory snacks like toast with condensed milk, Just Sweet (as its name implies), serves crêpes, sundaes, and tong sui, a sweet Cantonese dessert soup that’s made with your choice of tapioca, crushed almond, black sesame, or red or green beans. The photo above is of the Patbingsu, a Korean take on shaved ice that’s topped with condensed milk, sweet red bean, matcha powder, mochi, cornflakes, and fruit, with green-tea ice cream on the side. Check out the rest of the menu, along with a photo of the dozen sidewalk seats. Hours are from 11 a.m. till midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and till 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Red Cliff
- Green tea ice cream, sweetened red bean, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream $6.5

- Melon, cantaloupe, vanilla ice cream, honey, and whipped cream $7.0

Dark Forest
- Banana, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream $7.0

Sweet Wonderland
- Mango, kiwi, vanilla ice cream, mango syrup, and whipped cream $7.0

Pink Romance
- Strawberry, vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup, and whipped cream $7.0

Just Crepe
- With 1 topping, 1 sauce and whipped cream $5.5

Shaved Ice
Mango Lover
- Topped with mango syrup, whipped cream, side of sliced banana, mango and sago $5.5

Strawberry Delight
- Topped with strawberry syrup, strawberry slices, mixed jelly and whipped cream $5.5

Bean Town
- Topped with sweetened red bean and green bean, sago and mochi $5.5

Tropical Paradise
- Topped with your favorite tropical fruits: strawberry, kiwi, mango and banana, covered with condensed milk $6.5

- Korean shaved ice, topped with condensed milk, sweetened red bean, matcha powder, mochi, corn flake, mixed fruit, and green tea ice cream $6.5

Tang Sui
Red Bean Sweet Soup $3.5
Green Bean Sweet Soup $3.5
Black Sesame Sweet Soup $3.5
Crushed Almond Sweet soup $3.5
Tapioca Sweet Soup w/ coconut milk $4.0 $4.0
Tapioca Sweet Soup w/ Grass Jello $4.5
Mango Milk Shake w/ Pomelo and Sago $5.5

Passion of New York
- Vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup, sweet strawberry, corn flake and kiwi $7.0

Chocolate Castle
- Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, crushed oreo and fresh banana $7.0

Summer Vacation
- Vanilla ice cream with mango syrup, delicious mango, corn flake and melon $7.0

Green Tea Garden
- Green tea ice cream, mochi, sweetened red bean, corn flake, matcha powder, green beans, and chocolate syrup $7.0

Drink Hot Cold Bubble Tea
Comes with Tapioca Pearls or Lychee Jelly

Black Tea with Milk $4.0

Taro Milk Tea $4.0
Coconut Milk Tea $4.0
Almond Milk Tea $4.0
Sesame Milk Tea $4.0
Passion Fruit Green Tea $4.0
Mango Green Tea $4.0
Peach Green Tea $4.0
Strawberry Green Tea $4.0
Red Bean Ice with ice cream +$1.0 $4.0
Grass Jello Soy Miik Ice with ice cream +$1.0 $4.0
Soy Milk / Milk $3.0 $3.0
+ Mango / + Green apple / + Strawberry / + Honeydew $4.5
Seasonal Fresh Juice - Any two fruits $5.0 - Any three fruits $5.5
Frozen Colada $4.5
- Pina colada / Lychee colada / Mango colada
Ovaltine $3.0 $3.5
Horlick $3.0 $3.5
Honey w / Lemon $3.0 $3.5
Coke w / Lemon / w/ ginger +$0.25 $3.0 $3.5
Green Tea $3.0
Jasmine Tea $3.0
Oolong Tea $3.0
Chai Tea $3.0 $3.5
Vietnamese Coffee $3.0 $3.5
Thai Ice Tea $3.5

Mango Sticky Rice $5.0
Red Bean Sticky Rice $4.0
Ice Cream Mochi (3 pcs) $4.5
Rice Balls (6 pcs) with Crushed Peanut $4.5
Rice Balls (6 pcs) with Sweetened Red Bean $4.5
Toast with Condensed Milk $3.0
Toast with Coconut Butter $3.0
Toast with 2 flavors $3.5

Just Sweet Dessert House, 83 Third Ave., nr. 12th St.; 212-388-1380

Just Sweet Brings a Magic Mountain of Shaved Ice to the East Village