Italian Market’s Bebe’s Barbecue Closes

Bebe's Barbecue
Bebe’s Barbecue Photo: Collin Keefe

In sad news, Bebe’s Barbecue, the Carolina-meets-Memphis-style barbecue joint that attempted to breath new life into the Italian Market when it first opened a little more than a year ago, appears to be closed. Following up on a tipster’s lead, Grub Street learned that Bebe’s phone is disconnected. A follow up email to its owners went unanswered. Angelo Coletti at George’s Famous Roast Pork Sandwiches, which is a couple doors up from Bebe’s, confirmed that it’s been closed for three to four weeks. “It’s a shame,” Coletti told Grub Street. “I guess they just couldn’t hang on.”

Update: Bebe’s owner Mark Coates emailed back, saying that he will remain closed for the remainder of summer “for restructuring,” but is available for catering and “looks forward to seeing everyone in the fall.”

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Italian Market’s Bebe’s Barbecue Closes