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Is Kogi’s Spokesperson The Glenn Beck of Street Food?

The healthiest way to eat at Kogi? Not going to Kogi.
The healthiest way to eat at Kogi? Not going to Kogi. Photo: Rob Poetsch via Flickr

Another Kogi crew-member is lashing out, this time (refreshingly) from the P.R. department. Alice Shin blogs about how completely pissed she gets when someone asks her for the menu’s nutritional information. Fast Food Maven draws our attention to Shin’s long rant, in which she explains, first of all, that it bruises the chain’s (huge) ego. She says, “when it comes to caLorie-counting, you wouLd not ask it of Jar. You wouLd not ask it of Mozza. You wouLd not ask it of JitLada, nor wouLd you ask it from Soot BuL Jip. You wouLd not even ask for the number of fat grams from an OG lonchera/taco truck.”

Well, Steve Lopez did shanghai some samples away from Burrito King a few years back and Suzanne Tracht and Nancy Silverton probably don’t equate nutritional curiosity with Nazi Germany. Sure Shin, it’s today’s biggest trend…for Glenn Beck disciples and tea-party paranoids. It doesn’t stop her from dropping the N-word, telling inquiring minds, “Last thing I wanna do is sLap on a NutritionaL Nazi straight jacket on our babies,” which we suspect is followed closely by punctuating correctly as the second-to-last thing she wants to do.

Shin would rather focus on Kogi’s sourcing, which makes the sound argument that, whatever the fat content, they are serving meat from Rocker Bros., Napa cabbage, and organic tofu. Shin allows that “these are very reasonabLe questions to ask us.” So while asking the wrong questions is akin to supporting dietary genocide, if you ask the right ones you’re less to incur the ensuing lecture about obesity and eating in the U.S. Wait, who’s the real food fascist here?

Anyway, with a spokesperson like this, we suddenly comprehend why Roy Choi was allowed to threaten pulling a drive-by, or whatever that was, on Church & State last December.

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Is Kogi’s Spokesperson The Glenn Beck of Street Food?