Here Comes The Sun-Powered Smoothie Truck

Photo: Organic Oasis

Years before the current convoy of mobile caterers went chugging across the 10 Fwy, Green Truck On The Go bucked tradition by serving organic eats from a vegetable oil-fueled vehicle with biodegradable containers and a solar-powered commissary. Taking those sustainable reins, Organic Oasis recently rolled out on low-key runs, trumpeting itself as “The World’s first solar powered organic smoothie truck.” So, what’s on board?

Using blenders powered by rooftop solar panels and committed to the kind of raw ingredients that don’t find police drawing guns on you, and also don’t use processed sugar or gluten. Oasis combines goji, blueberry, and acai, those fruity miracles-of-the-moment, into organic tripleberry smoothies, as well as sweet flavors like red velvet and peanut butter cup.

There’s also organic yogurt from Straus Family Creamery, shots of ginger, free-range chicken burritos, snacks like five-dollar acai or avocado bowls, and our favorite hangover cure, young Thai coconuts. The truck also donates five-percent of profits to Heal the Bay. Organic Oasis seems cutting-edge and a great option in the mobile scene of bad cheese steaks and worth-the-heart-attack fried chicken. With all this good will and leaving smaller carbon footprints, we can even forgive the part of the menu where they’re selling trucker hats, the Korean taco of 2003.

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Here Comes The Sun-Powered Smoothie Truck