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Hell’s Kitchen: Knack and Santos Make It Through

Photo: Fox

Despite the emotional fireworks promised in the preview for this week’s Hell’s Kitchen, last night’s episode was mostly a maintenance of the status quo. Sure, Jay and Benjamin formed an alliance and vowed to “bury” the girls and “make them look silly,” but that didn’t stop Jay from bringing Holly along on his challenge win Goodyear Blimp ride or from putting Benjamin, along with Autumn, up for elimination.

To be fair, Benjamin did not have a great service. He got weeded early and totally shut down.

In the end, though, Ramsay decided that none of the chefs deserved to go home. Moreover, each chef was treated to a visit from their loved ones. Jay’s parents dropped in, but our highlight may have been Benjamin’s incredibly precious one year old.

Hell’s Kitchen: Knack and Santos Make It Through