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Hell’s Kitchen: Knack and Santos Survive

Photo: Fox

Last night brought us another two episode block of Hell’s Kitchen. Now that we’re down to the final six chefs, Boston’s representatives, Benjamin Knack of Sel De La Terre and Gargoyles On The Square’s Jason Santos are getting a whole lot more airtime.

In last night’s first episode, Benjamin won the individual challenge, which asked the chefs to make a food porn worthy dish. After wowing Epicurious’ Tanya Steel with his SDLT-worthy halibut with deconstructed bouillabaisse, Benjamin won a feature on Epicurious, along with a makeover that took him firmly out of Kenneth-the-page territory (Knack on cutting his hair: “My wife likes it long, but fuck that.”)

Meanwhile, Jay revealed his true Hell’s Kitchen intentions. Besides winning the show, he just wants to sleep with Holly. In last night’s first episode, the two of them had an incredibly dirty conversation about polishing wood.

In the second episode, Holly chose Jay to come with her on her challenge prize winning trip. Afterward, the two hit the hot tub where it looked like Jay might just achieve his goals…until Autumn showed up.

Though Knack was put up for elimination in the night’s second episode, in the end, both Boston boys survived to make the final four, setting us up for more Jay/Holly drama next week.

Hell’s Kitchen: Knack and Santos Survive