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Graham Elliot Bowles Dishes on Local Food Tonight on Nightline

Graham Elliot Bowles
Graham Elliot Bowles Photo: Tammy Green

Thank heavens for Graham Elliot Bowles. He’ll be appearing tonight on Nightline (“barring breaking news or a random change in programming”), and he’ll tell us what he really thinks about local and sustainable food. Here’s our favorite quote right now: “I would love to do a restaurant that simply served product from my own farm, I think that would be amazing, but that’s just not the case here, so when you go to the farmer’s market and there’s 10 stalls and all 10 are selling rhubarb, that’s not f*cking cool, to me.” Check him out on ABC at 11:35pm EST. More wonderful quotes below.

Why he is tired of restaurants advertising local and sustainable food:

But I guess I get turned off by people using it as a crutch or simply saying that: we’re opening a new restaurant! it’s going to feature French technique with modern, organic, sustainable hand harvested blah blah blah just because that’s what they read on somebody else’s menu and, well, it’s just this vicious cycle.

Why he won’t buy bad lettuce:

I’m a capitalist at heart and I believe in giving the best product possible to the guest. If Joe farmer decides to have a pickup truck that gets 3 miles to the gallon and wears his overalls and drives from Wisconsin to here and sells really sh*tty lettuce, why should I feel like I have to support him?
Graham Elliot Bowles Dishes on Local Food Tonight on Nightline