Gaztro-Wagon Hits the Streets On Friday

Photo: courtesy Gaztro-Wagon

So the city still hasn’t sorted out any of the rules and regulations that make it really hard to have a food truck in the city, but the Gaztro-Wagon is still planning to roll out this Friday. How can this happen, you may ask? Well, a little ingenuity is being taken to make sure everything is properly up to code. None of the actual food will be made on board, so the truck will have to swoop by the permanent Edgewater location to pick up freshly prepared grub every two hours. It’s not exactly perfect, but we have to admit to being truly excited. Like a lot of food trucks, locations will be given out on their web site, and texts will be sent to interested parties. So where will this truck be stopping first?

According to an e-mail, the truck will first hit Millennium Park this Friday for lunch. It will then reappear in Lakeview for dinner, and in Lincoln Park for the late-night bar goers. On Saturday it will set up at the Green City market, lunch in Southport, and do an evening run in Bucktown/Wicker Park.

The reviews for the permenant location have been very good, so we’ll have to see how well this mobile operation does. Still, it’s incredibly impressive that Chef and Owner Matt Maroni put his mind to this and got it done. Look out for some naan-wiches!

Follow the Gaztro-Wagon by checking out their web site.

Gaztro-Wagon Hits the Streets On Friday