Four Former McDonald’s Execs Start New Two New Restaurants

Tom & Eddi's Burger
Tom & Eddi’s Burger Photo: courtesy Tom & Eddie’s

Talk about confusing. This morning we read in UPI about two former McDonald’s execs who were about to open Tom & Eddie’s, a new fast-casual burger joint out in Lombard. So imagine our confusion when we peruse through Crain’s Chicago and come across two more former McDonald’s execs starting another fast-casual place, rumored to be called Stephanie’s, which will focus more on healthy eating. What is it with former McDonald’s execs opening restaurants?

Edward Rensi and Tom Dentice are behind Tom & Eddie’s, which will be located in the Yorktown Mall in Lombard. The plan is to open the one location and then franchise the restaurant. The price point will be about $10 for a meal, with wine and beer available. There will be no wait service. Customers will order at the counter, and then food will be brought to your table. The new restaurant should be open in about a month.

Mike Roberts and Mike Donahue are working on a project called, for now, Stephanie’s. It’ll focus on healthy items like steel-cut oats in for breakfast, smoked chicken sweet pea soup for lunch, and pork-and-sweet potato kabobs for dinner. They are really trying for the environmental route, and are kicking around ideas for an herb garden, grass parking lots, and biodegradable cutlery. There is no specific opening date for Stephanie’s, nor any idea on where it will be located. But Roberts and Donahue hope to franchise quickly, with 250 locations planned.

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Four Former McDonald’s Execs Start New Two New Restaurants