For Summer Mémé Offers Prixe Fixe Menus and Sunday Dinner

David Katz
David Katz Photo: Collin Keefe

As many chefs do this time of year, David Katz has made some changes to his menu at Mémé. Aside from a few key components, he will continue to draft updates on a daily basis, but in addition to offering his dishes a la carte, he’s re-instituting the three-course prix fixe option that he introduced last summer. He’s also trying something new, Sunday Dinner, which features one multi-course prix fixe meal that will be announced on Mémé’s website each Friday. The first one kicks off this weekend. “During the week, you can do a la carte or prix fixe,” Katz told Grub Street. “It’s usually a good variety to choose from - three apps, three entrees and three desserts, but on Sunday its just one meal for everybody with wine for $37.”

This Sunday’s inaugural dinner will feature grilled bread with an herbed chick pea puree, romaine salad with green beans and red potatoes, roasted organic chicken with mushroom-Gruyere mac and cheese gratin, peas and chicken jus, old fashioned strawberry shortcake, and a bottle of red or white wine.

Last summer Katz did the same weeknight prix fixe option for the month of August. Since Mémé falls outside the Center City District’s boundaries for Restaurant Week, he decided to extend the offer through September. “The chances of us doing that again are good,” Katz said.

For Summer Mémé Offers Prixe Fixe Menus and Sunday Dinner