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Fishermen’s Grotto Called ‘The Mel Gibson of Restaurants’

Photo: Courtesy of No. 9 Fishermen’s Grotto

On the heels of Beth Spotswood’s horrifying account of a visit to Bubba Gump’s at Pier 39, she drags a friend on another exploratory foray into No. 9 Fishermen’s Grotto (9 Fisherman’s Wharf, and btw that link comes complete with Dean Martin soundtrack). Said friend’s review on Squid Pro Quo begins with calling the food “inedible and comically overpriced,” but she finishes with the kicker: “This place is the Mel Gibson of restaurants: emotionally abusive and handsome 15 years ago.”

We’d probably say 25 years ago. Anyway, what follows is a description of driving home in pain in the fetal position (we think this is hyperbole), but our favorite part might actually be the reaction of a lone commenter on the post.

that is hella rude, ive been going to fishermans grotto since i was about 7 years old… i am now 18. it is still very good. u r clearly, a) not a san franciscan, and b) unaware of wut is good on the menu. i am drunk right now but i still pity u

Why can’t we have commenters like that??

the maitre d’ was bored [Squid Pro Quo via SFist]

Fishermen’s Grotto Called ‘The Mel Gibson of Restaurants’