Drai’s Expands at The W, But It’s Still Drai’s

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

If you’re anything like us, you don’t feel much of a need to get on a guest-list just to stand in three different lines, then get unexpectedly charged at the end of the last one, only to hang out with the same slime you could find at a hundred other places in town. We prefer to keep that form of torture in Vegas, if it must exist at all. Owner Victor Drai may have noticed the recent decline in the experience at Drai’s, which had a quality hot second or two, as he’s unleashing an ultra-exclusive division of the club in a small room of leather sofas and candlelight. Who will be there?

Eater declares that this invite-only lounge has actually always been in the works and will have a “door set to rival New York’s Boom Boom Room.” Will Samantha Ronson’s shitty beats be enough to draw-in the rich and famous? Can’t imagine it will hook much more than Hills-folk and their hangers-on, as stepping foot in this place made us finally realize the appeal of private celebrity retreats like Soho House, where you probably don’t get your booty pinched by some drunk P.A.-turned-“producer” or a “friend of Usher’s” every three minutes. Save your money for Delphine instead, but if it all sounds appealing somehow, good luck on getting in.

Victor Drai Opens Secondary Smaller Lounge Inside The W [Eater]

Drai’s Expands at The W, But It’s Still Drai’s