Steve Dolinsky Picks His Five Favorite Pizzas in Chicago

A pie from Great Lake.
A pie from Great Lake. Photo: Helen Rosner

We asked, and he delivered. After picking his top five most overrated pizzas (where Pizzeria Uno came out on top), Steve Dolinsky did the honorable thing and picked his five favorite pizzas for Vocalo. It’s no surprise that Great Lake came in at number one. It’s all about the crust for Dolinsky, which he calls “ethereal.” As was keeping with his overrated list, he spreads the love around to multiple different styles, and even has a place for deep dish on the list.

The biggest surprise, if you can call it that, is the inclusion of Burt’s Place in Morton Grove. It’s a perfectly solid pick, but he stuck Pequod’s on his overrated pizzas last week, a place Burt actually helped found. He explains: “I still find Burt’s version superior - not sure if it’s the seasoned pans or the chunky tomato sauce or both - and the crust has a richness while maintaining a good chew.”

Castel Gandolfo comes in at number three, which is the exact same position it came in on Jeff Ruby’s list for Chicago Magazine. Lou Malnati’s comes in at number five, but only the original Lincolnwood location. Check out the full list below.

Top 5 Pizzas in Chicago

1. Great Lake
2. Burt’s Place in Morton Grove
3. Castel Gandolfo
4. Macello
5. Lou Malnati’s (the original in Lincolnwood)
Steve Dolinsky Picks His Five Favorite Pizzas in Chicago