Dolinksy Picks Pizzeria Uno’s as Chicago Most Overrated Pizza

“More tourists than Navy Pier.”
“More tourists than Navy Pier.” Photo: christinahope/Flickr

Steve Dolinsky is in a list making mood. After last week’s uncontroversial best Italian beef list, he’s back with the most overrated pizzas. This one is much more fun. Sitting at number one is Pizzeria Uno, which he claims is a cheese casserole and has “more tourists than Navy Pier.” Pizzeria Uno isn’t often picked as the best pizza in Chicago, but it did invent the dish. Interestingly, it is the only deep dish pizza on the list (if you don’t count the honorable mentions). Instead, Dolinsky spreads the hate around to nearly every conceivable style of pizza in Chicago.

He seems to have a bigger problem with thin crust. Two of the five overrated spots serve Neapolitan (Pizza D.O.C. and Spacca Napoli), while the other two serve South Side Tavern-style (Vito & Nick’s and Aurelio’s). Counting Nella Pizzeria Napoletana in the honorable mentions, Dolinsky seems to have a real problem with any place Nella Grassano has worked at in the past.

The honorable mentions are a little more controversial as they include both Art of Pizza and Pequods, the latter of which Chicago’s Best just picked as its best pizza in the city.

What we want to see now is his favorite pizza in Chicago list. A quick search yielded this post about Great Lakes being his favorite. But we want to know more. Until then, check out his list of the most overrated pizza places in the city below.

Top 5 overrated pizzas in Chicago [Vocalo]

1. Pizzeria Uno
2. Vito & Nick’s
3. Pizza D.O.C.
4. Aurelio’s
5. Spacca Napoli

Honorable Mentions:
Art of Pizza, Nella, Pequod’s, Gino’s East
Dolinksy Picks Pizzeria Uno’s as Chicago Most Overrated Pizza