Details Emerge on Speck’s Studiokitchen Dinners

Speck's kitchen counters under construction
Speck’s kitchen counters under construction Photo: Shola Olunloyo/Studiokitchen

Speck Food + Wine, one of the most highly anticipated openings in recent memory, is nearing completion, according to chef and owner Shola Olunloyo’s blog. Two recent posts shed light on the mysterious goings-on at the Piazza’s latest work-in-progress. In one Olunloyo says “the hard work of engineering and construction is mostly over, now comes the race to the finish line,” suggesting an opening is on the horizon. And in the other, he explains how Speck’s kitchen counters will be the new home for his legendary Studiokitchen dinners.

Speck’s twin kitchen counters - each seats four guests - will play host to Studiokitchen dinners. They will be served Tuesdays through Saturdays. Each seat at the counter is a separate reservation. Guests are welcomed to book as many seats as they want, but must pay for them up front. The dinners themselves, which will be booked three months in advance, will feature nine courses prepared in full view of guests seated at the open kitchen’s counters. Though not functioning now, the dinners will be booked exclusively on the Studiokitchen website. [Studiokitchen]

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Details Emerge on Speck’s Studiokitchen Dinners