DeLuca’s Owner Vows to Rebuild; Water Main Break Investigated

• The owner of DeLuca’s Market, which suffered a million dollars in damage in a Thursday fire, plans to rebuild the Beacon Hill shop as soon as possible. [Herald]

• Massachusetts lawmakers will hold a panel this week investigating the cause of this spring’s water main break. [Globe]

• U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius praised Boston’s urban farming community while on a visit to The Food Project’s Roxbury farm. [Herald]

• Though the state Attorney General shot down Concord’s proposed ban on bottled water, advocates will try to raise it again. [Globe]

• Chuck Schumer asked the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on malt beverages Jooce and Four Loco, which, he charges, are targeted at children. [NYDN]

• As Americans crave ever more seafood, even big corporations like McDonald’s are making an effort to buy sustainable fish. [WSJ]

• McDonald’s is counting on its newly beefed-up line of beverages, including McCafe frappes, to add a billion dollars to its bottom line. [AdAge]

• Cocoa prices are at a 33 year high, leading some to suspect price inflation. [Independent]

DeLuca’s Owner Vows to Rebuild; Water Main Break Investigated