Daniel Boulud’s Wife Files for Divorce

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Six months after putting his condo on the market, Daniel Boulud is getting divorced from wife Micky, according to Gawker: “Court records indicate she’s seeking an uncontested divorce, which means the couple needs to have already been legally separated for at least a year according to New York law.” The couple have a 20-year-old daughter, Alix, who co-founded the Tufts Culinary Society. Here’s New York Social Diary on how Daniel and Micky met.

Micky grew up in Lausanne, the daughter of an American father and a French mother. She met Daniel in a jazz club in Chelsea about twenty years ago. She’d gone there with friends and he happened in after his kitchen closed (he was working at Plaza Athenee at the time). She told me that that when she first saw him in the room, she knew “that was the man I was going to marry.” This was before she met him.

Daniel Boulud is Getting Divorced [Gawker]

Daniel Boulud’s Wife Files for Divorce