Catahoula Opens in Queen Village

The old Saute sapce
The old Saute sapce Photo: Collin Keefe

In what might be the quickest restaurant turnaround in the history of Philly dining, Catahoula opened over the weekend in Queen Village, according to the Insider. The restaurant, described as “urban Cajun,” replaces Sauté, which Grub Street mentioned had closed a few weeks ago. With the same owner and chef in place, the latest iteration of this restaurant is kind of a step back to pre-Sauté days. The space, which has been transformed from romantic and candle-lit to brighter and more bar-centric - used to be home to La Creole before Sauté replaced it in 2009. [Insider]

Catahoula, 775 S. Front Street, (215) 271-9300

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Catahoula Opens in Queen Village