Brasserie Jo Closing in August, Reopening as an “Extremely Affordable” French Spot

Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Brasserie Jo, which has continued to be very popular in River North for the past 15 years, will close in August. The space will be renovated and then reopened as a different French restaurant. The Stew teased about it yesterday, but Chicago Magazine got the scoop from Jerrod Melman of Lettuce Entertain You. Chef Jean Joho will still be involved, but Tim Graham will lead the kitchen staff. Talking to Chicago, Melman said, “We’re working with [him] to breathe some new energy into it.” The new menu will be much more affordable, says Melman, “We’ve had such great luck at Hub 51, at an affordable price point, where people can come multiple times a week. I know [the new restaurant] will be in that same vein—extremely affordable. People will be able to go there three, four times a week and not break the bank.” [Chicago Magzine]

Brasserie Jo Closing in August, Reopening as an “Extremely