Beer Gets More Alcoholic; Jewelry for Foodies

• Last week’s 55 percent-alcohol beer has been replaced as the world’s most alcoholic by Start The Future, a Japanese beer that clocks in at 120 proof. [Reuters]

• Jewelry designer Rachel Chyna White’s new Demitasse line includes necklaces that say “Foodie” and pave diamond-encrusted vanilla bean knife charms. [Mouthing Off/F&W;]

• In Vietnam, banh mi are served 24 hours a day. [WSJ]

• MiceDirect recalled their frozen mice this weekend after a salmonella outbreak that sickened 400 people, most of whom were snake owners. [NYT]

• A former executive at Thomases English Muffins is currently banned from taking a job at Hostess, since he is one of seven people who knows how to make the muffins’ “nooks and crannies.” [USA Today]

• Meat and dairy products from cloned animals are slowly making their way into European supermarkets. [NYT]

• The European Union rejected Anheuser-Busch’s request for a Union-wide trademark on Budweiser. [WSJ]

Beer Gets More Alcoholic; Jewelry for Foodies