Alan Harding Revs Up Hot Bird Truck

Did you know that food trucks are a trend? And there’s been a backlash among brick-and-mortar businesses? Well, if you’ve had your head buried in a carburetor, a piece in The Atlantic (built around the L.A. Street Food Fest) is here to tell you all about it! So who’s the latest to jump on the bandwagon? Why, it’s Alan Harding! The prolific Brooklyn restaurateur just got his mobile license, and his Hot Bird truck will debut at 825 Atlantic Avenue this Friday, according to a post on his blog. The menu is reprinted below.

Food Truck Menu version 1.0
Smashed Burger ( small Scoop) 4.00
Smashed Burger ( Lg. Scoop) 6.00
Schwag Dog 2.00
Good Dog 3.00
” Snappy” 4.00
Bratwurst 5.00
Hippie-wurst 5.00
Falafel dog 5.00 (deep fried)
Other things
Rice balls (4, deep fried) 5.00
Panelle Sandwich with roasted eggplant, peppers and basil ricotta 6.00
Soft Tacos with chili du jour and pico 5.00
Lobster “Summer Roll” with kimchee, mango and mint 9.00

Things that go with the above menu:
Juniper scented Kraut
Kimhee/kirby relish
Eddies pickles
Pico de Gallo
Cheese du jour
Nancy’s slaw
Potato salad , Chefs whim.
Really good bacon
All the other stuff, ya’ know

The Food Truck Economy [Atlantic]

Alan Harding Revs Up Hot Bird Truck