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Kramer Is Not Thrilled with Act One Cafe’s First Show; Bruno Finds Al Primo Canto Inconsistent

Act One Cafe and Mayne Stage
Act One Cafe and Mayne Stage Photo: courtesy Mayne Stage

Though Act One Cafe is a “likable neighborhood tavern,” Julia Kramer thinks that it already needs help with its food. A buffet featured a, “lineup of grayish eggs, chewy French toast and sticky pancakes.” Dinner was saved by a decent French dip sandwich, but “the fish and chip batter is oily and unseasoned, and the haddock inside is tough like chicken.” [TOC]

The “fowl was not so fair,” for Pat Bruno on a recent visit to Al Primo Canto, a Brazillian all you can eat Galeteria. Other visits were “a bit better,” but “consistency was nowhere to be found.” Once again, Bruno found satisfaction with pasta. Too bad the ordering system was confusing, as “food appeared without rhyme or reason.” [Sun-Times]

Here’s the thing about Pat Bruno: he can immediately know whether a place like A’Cappella Bistro is going to be good. “More often than not I can tell right off if a restaurant has made the commitment to really make it work.” Unfortunately, he, “did not get that kind of positive feeling about this bistro.” Though the “prices are right,” he didn’t didn’t find any “culinary lightning.” He advises to stick with the basics. The baked stuffed meatloaf was “delicious” and the pancakes were “very good.” [Sun-Times]

Even with plastic cups and less than stellar views, Julia Kramer can’t help but give Epic Sky, Epic’s new rooftop bar, a pass. There is no food available up there, but that’s not really the point: “The point is you’re a few stories up, at a stark white bar or on a sleek white couch, and even the fact that you’re holding a plastic cup can’t stop you from feeling glamorous.” [TOC]

Kramer Is Not Thrilled with Act One Cafe’s First Show; Bruno Finds Al Primo