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What’s Coming Downtown This Summer?

Photo: Green Hut Cafe

In February, BlogDowntown introduced Le Ka’, a French restaurant currently set for Sixth Street from financial honcho Kerry Moy and his partners in Wokcano. While work is proceeding there, the Wokcano clan is also creating Green Hut Café, an “organic, healthy restaurant” slated to replace Panino at 818 West Seventh Street and already with its own Facebook page. So, besides the future plans of Wokcano’s owners, what else is arriving Downtown in the coming months?

BlogDowntown also looks at a looming summer opening for Ocho Mexican Grill at Sixth and Hope, while Mediterranean City Grill will replace California Fresh at 609 S. Spring st. with later hours that are more suitable to Downtown’s residents. And in additional dim news for so-so chains, both of Downtown’s Johnny Rockets have been shuttered due to the bad economy, though owner Moe Nariman is trying to sell them with hopes they’ll be reopened.

It’s a little depressing to see still more eateries vacate their storefronts, but considering the aforementioned restaurants’ average reputations, it appears Downtown could just be cleaning its books to make way for possible new potential.

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What’s Coming Downtown This Summer?