What Catherine Price Says You Shouldn’t See at The Wieners Circle

The Wieners Circle
The Wieners Circle Photo: kaplanbr/Flickr

As was shown yesterday on The Stew, The Weiners Circle placed 56th on Catherine Price’s list of “101 Places Not to See Before You Die.” This probably has more to do with the notorious late night antics and calls for a “chocolate milkshake,” than for anything to do with the food. Visit it during the day and it’s a just an above average hot dog stand. At night things change, and opinions on the transformation vary wildly. The author sees something sinister here, and advises you to stay away. But who said you need to visit the Wiener Circle to get a sample of the the controversial antics? YouTube has it all online. Be warned, all of these links contain harsh language which might not be safe for work. Otherwise, where shall we begin…

Why don’t you start with the in depth portrait from This American Life? No doubt, when Price was thinking about the list this was all she needed to watch. It’s sort of humorous at first, and then gets really sad towards the end.

On the flip side is Kevin Pang’s venture into the stand for the Cheeseburger Show, which is pure comic gold.

Not sure what the “chocolate milkshake” is? Well, you won’t actually see the business going down, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of what it’s like.

There are dozens upon dozens of other videos online, but it gets tiresome looking through them. But if you just type “wiener circle” into YouTube you’ll have enough entertainment for the rest of the afternoon.

What Catherine Price Says You Shouldn’t See at The Wieners Circle