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Who Are L.A.’s Best and Worst Tippers?

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The iron-man Hollywood heavyweight who once stiffed us on a large tab is yet to get called out in public and today the Huffington Post similarly tries to shield the identities of L.A.’s worst celebrity tippers. It’s too bad they don’t name names, but they’ve got to be talking about LeBron “Year’s Hottest Free Agent” James as the baller who tipped a mere six bucks on his $300 bill at a Hollywood bar. And if you call a former Mouseketeer-cum-pop-star a “singing sensation,” there’s little doubt it’s Christina who’s out there dissing West Hollywood’s bellmen. On the other side of the Notorious T.I.P., L.A.’s best celebrity tippers do get outed. Who makes the grade for giving gratuities?

If you didn’t think it was possible to love Bill Murray any more than you already do, learning that he typically drops a 100% tip on top of the bill might just do it. He’s joined in that generous move by Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, and fellow buster of ghosts, Dan Aykroyd. Floyd Mayweather and Scott Storch have also been spotted giving serious dinero over to their servers, while Keenan Thompson proved he’s more than just a funny man by giving a serious $160 wad to a bellman just for fetching his bags.

We’d love to hear more from the local tipping police. Have you been unjustly denied a gratuity from someone you recognized? Need to warn anyone about a bad tipper? Let us know in our comments.

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Who Are L.A.’s Best and Worst Tippers?