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White House Chefs Trek From D.C. Just for Purple Yam

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While White House assistant chef Sam Kass was busy dropping double entendres on Top Chef last week (our favorite is pictured at left), his bosses, chef Cristeta Comerford and pastry chef William Yosses, took a field trip to Ditmas Park. The two presidential chefs came all the way to Brooklyn from D.C. specifically to check out Filipino restaurant Purple Yam for brunch on Saturday, the restaurant excitedly reported on their blog. And the duo made the trip worth it, ordering a heck of a lot of food:

…They ordered just like everybody else: ukoy (fritters), chicken adobo with bagoong fried rice (coincidentally that was the combo that NYT food critic Sam Sifton had recommended), pancit luglug, and Romy gave them a taste of Chef Perry Mamaril’s ilocano-style dry dinuguan which we serve during our Lutong Bahay (home cooking) lunch from Wed - Fri, 11 am - 3 pm. For dessert, they ordered buko pie and champorrado and Romy gave them a taste of more homemade ice creams: avocado, banana rum and mango.

Both White House chefs have an affinity for Filipino food — Purple Yam notes that Yosses had been a fan of chef Romy’s previous restaurant, Cendrillon, and Comerford is herself of Filipino descent — so it’s possible this 250-mile day trip was just to sate a craving. Or maybe Sasha and Malia have a sudden thing for lumpia.

White House Chef Cris Comerford has brunch at Purple Yam [Purple Yam via Ditmas Park Blog]

White House Chefs Trek From D.C. Just for Purple Yam