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What’s the Most Expensive Dish in Chicago?

That'll be $280, sir.
That’ll be $280, sir. Photo: geishaboy500/Flickr

Know when you’re sitting around with all this extra cash in your pockets and you need to go out and spend as much as you possibly can for one meal? Ok…maybe not. Anyway, this guy on sure does: “Money is not an issue. I wish to find the most expensive place to eat in the whole city. Also, any prices would be greatly appreciated, specifically of their most expensive dish. Thank you.” It’s so sad to see someone with such a dire problem, so below is a list compiled with the help of Menupages of the most expensive single dishes in the city. Note that this does not include tasting menus, so Alinea doesn’t make the cut. Nor does the list include beverages, or any large main courses you’re supposed to split with two or more people. Otherwise, watch out for all the dollars signs.

Steaks, caviar, and lobsters are the main culprits here. Still, some of the prices even surprised us. Surely, a deserving restaurant with a truly expensive dish was left off the list. Let us know what we missed. We really need to help this guy out.

Prices and availability are subject to change. Call ahead if you plan to spend this much money, and try to have enough courtesy to take us along.

Most Expensive Dishes in Chicago

- Caviar Staircase a tasting of sturgeon caviars $280.00
Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House - Giant Large Australian Lobster Tail with Turf $170
L2O - Iranian Ossetra Caviar (1oz), toast, crème fraîche $150
TRU - Whole-Roasted La-Bella Farms Foie Gras $145
TRU - Aged Japanese a5 kobe beef $120
Morton’s, The Steakhouse - Double Porterhouse , carved tableside $104
Gibson’s Steakhouse - Australian Lobster Tail, with Turf $102.50
Gibson’s Steakhouse - Big Porterhouse $94
Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House - Surf & Turf small filet & hugo’s lobster tail $74.75
Shaw’s Crab House - The Alaskan King Crab Platter $89.99
David Burke Primehouse - 75 Day 20 oz bone-in ribeye $69.00
Carmichael’s Chicago Steak House - Big Shoulders* and you thought our petite porterhouse was big! this is a full forty ounces! that’s eight ounces short of three pounds! are you up to the challenge $63.00
N9NE Steakhouse - Dry Aged Kansas City Strip (20 oz) $62.00
Spiaggia - Costolleta Di Vitello Alla Griglia Con Piselli E Fonduta Di Parmigiano Reggiano - $60
Epic - Kobe Top Cap (8 oz) $57.00
Signature Room at the 95th - Land And Sea grassfed filet of beef, king crab legs, creamy cavalo nero $55.00
What’s the Most Expensive Dish in Chicago?