What to Eat

What to Eat on Gitane’s New Menu

Our favorite item: fried sardines with hearts of palm, fresh plums, and dill.
Our favorite item: fried sardines with hearts of palm, fresh plums, and dill. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Newly installed chef Bridget Batson has been hard at work revising the dinner menu at Claude Lane’s hip and cozy Spanish eatery Gitane. Still to come are some flatbread pizzas, but see the menu as it stands below. Also we should note that in addition to mixing some excellent cocktails, Gitane’s bartenders are now certified sherry sommeliers, and are happy to offer both cocktail and sherry pairings for various dishes.


GAMBAS Salade white shrimp, red belgian endives,
citrus, dill, niçoise olives 12.

CERISE roasted cherries, arugula, belfiore farmers cheese,
de mie toast, champagne vinaigrette 11.

ARTICHAUT roasted artichoke soup, wheat berries, sheep
yogurt, mint, meyer lemon 9.

OVO FRITO farm egg, shaved asparagus, pancetta, frisee, sherry vinaigrette 12.

SARDINAS EN ESCABECHE marinated local sardine filets, with herbed crostini, tapenade, pickled vegetables 10.

SAUMON TARTARE maine royal salmon, harissa, garlic pinenuts, mint, cilantro, lemon zest 13.

FOIE GRAS “au torchon,” layered with pain d’epices, pistachio, px reduction, green apple & mango chutney, frisée 17.


MOULES saffron chorizo sauce, grilled baguette croutons, fennel AQ.

BACON BONBONS sauteed prunes stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in smoked bacon, anise and cinnamon port sauce 9.

CAILLE Tolenas farm quail stuffed with chicken mousseline, raisins, shallots, port glaze, truffle oil, bed of spinach 16.

BASTILLA sweet & savory, crispy pastry with duck, chicken, raisins, almonds, moroccan spices, orange gastrique crème fraîche, cucumber 12.


CHICKEN TAJINE pan seared free range chicken breast, dried apricot, carrots, turnips, zucchini, spiced broth, almond 20.

RIBS hill natural farm pork baby back ribs, braised, balsamic & honey glaze, fried polenta, watercress 23.

CORDERO pan roasted domestic lamb noisette, rolled with mushroom mousseline, butternut squash, king trumpets 26.

BAVETTE grilled loin steak, roasted bone marrow, salsa verde, crispy spring onions 24.

SABLE D’OR pan fried sand dabs, golden raisin coulis, chard stems, baby carrots, marcona almonds, watercress 22.

SALMAO grilled atlantic salmon, moroccan chermoula sauce, manzanilla olives, farro grain, caramelized cauliflower 24.


CABRA pesto, goat cheese, house made mozzarella, piquillo pepper confit, eggplant 14.

SERRANO white pizza, house made mozzarella, garlic, oregano, arugula, redondo iglesia serrano ham 15.

PARISIENNE jambon de paris, marinara sauce, shiitake mushrooms, house made mozzarella, white truffle oil 16.


POLENTA fried polenta, sun-dried tomato, paprika 6.
PISTO manchego eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini, tomato, onion 6.
ESPINACA sauteed spinach, garlic, pine nuts, golden raisins 6.
ASPARAGUS grilled delta spears, sauce mimosa 6.
BRAVAS yukon gold potatoes, aioli, harissa & bravas sauces 6.

What to Eat on Gitane’s New Menu