What to Eat at S@kura, Now Open

S@kura Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

The stretch of Fullerton just west of Western Ave. hasn’t always been the hottest spot for restaurants (is it West Bucktown or Logan Square??). But with the newly opened K(new) setting up shop, and Papa Ray;s serving up those monster slices, it doesn’t seem to weird that a new Japanese place moved in. It’s called S@kura, and yes, it’s spelled with a “@.” It takes the place of a shuttered old sandwich shop. The menu is heavy with sushi, with a few entrées tacked on at the end. Seems to be more of a delivery place than a dining experience, but still nice to have another option in the area. Check out the full menu, along with way more “@” symbols than you usually encounter in a single day.

S@kura, 2507 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60647; 773-772-4412


Edamame $4
Gyoza chicken or veggie $5
Mini Harumaki $5
Soft Shell Crap 7
Tuna Tataki 9
Tuna Flight 9
- Maguro, albacore, super white tuna
Shumai 5
- Steamed shrimp dumplings
Hamachi Ceviche 11
- Lime, cilantro and jalapeño with fresh sliced yellowtail sashimi
S@kure Dips 9
- Spicy marinated sauce over fresh salmon, crisp tortillas
Acapulco Mango Sears Scallop 9
= Toasted marinated scallop on over Acapulco mango salsa style
Appetizer Land Platter 11
- Sampling platter of gyoza, mini harumaki and shumai
Appetizer Ocean Platter 17
- Sampling platter of tuna, salmon, hamachi ceviche style

Miso 2.5
Spicy Miso 3
S@kura Miso Ramen Soup 8
- Chef specialty of noodle, onion, shrimp , seafood ball with cilantro lime flavor soup

Wakame Salad 4.5
-A salad made from seaweed and tossed in sesame vinaigrette
Spice Koong Salad 8
- Shrimp mixed with onion, scallion, chilli cilantro and herbs with spice marinated coconut cream sauce and lettuce.
Sunomono 4
- Sliced cucumbers in sweet and sour vinaigrette
Pacific in Sunomono 8
- Choise of salmon, tuna, ebi, tako, or kani over sunomono
Gomae 4
- Spinach salad with sesame sauce
House Salad 4
- Mixed green salad served with s@kura style house dressing

S@shimi or Nigiri
2 Pieces per order

Amaebi - Sweet Shrimp 7
Hokkigai - Surf Clam 4
Maguro - Tuna 6
Hamachi - Yellowtail 6
Hamachi Toro - Fatty Yellow Tail Belly 7
Namasake - Fresh Salmon 6
Sake - Smoke Salmon 6
Suzuki - Sea Bass 4
Kanikama - Crabstick 4
Shiroi Maguro - Super White Tuna 6
Ika - Squid 4
Kajiki Maguro - Albacore/White Tuna 5
Unagi - Fresh Water eel 6
Ebi - Cooked Shrimp 4
Saba - Mackerel 5
Tako - Octopus 5
Tamago - Sweet Omelet 4
Inari Bean Curd 4
Ikura - Salmon Roe 6
Masago - Smelt Roe 4
Tobiko - Flying fish Roe 6
Hotate - Sea Scallop 6
Spicy Kani - Crab, masago and spicy mayo 7
Spicy Scallop - Fresh chop scallop, spicy mayo masago 7
Spicy Toasted Scallop - Fresh Scallop toasted 9

S@kura Signature Maki
Naruto Roll 12
Mango wrapped spicy salmon, asparagus, tamago, cucumber, tempura, pepper flake
Kakashi Roll 12
Super white tuna, tempura, avocado, black tobiko, mayo
Susuke Trio Tuna Roll 12
Spicy mayo tuna, super white tuna, white tuna, avocado masago
S@kura Roll 12
Crab, tuna, mayo, masago, unagi sauce, spicy mayo
Godzilla Roll 12
Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, cream cheese, spicy unagi sauce, tempura crumbs, wasabi mayo, scallion
King Kong Roll 14
Softshell crab, cream cheese, avocado, scallion, freshwater eel, unagi sauce, tempura crumbs, fish eggs
Sexy Chic Roll 12
Spicy scallop, tempura crumbs, avocado topped with mayo lightly torch-seared crab and black tobiko
Fire Dragon Roll 12
spicy tuna wrapped with freshwater eel, avocado topped with red tobiko, unagi sauce
Mexicana Roll 10
Yellowtail, cilantro, jalapeño, spicy sauce, avocado, lime
Nightelf Roll 9
Ebi tempura, cilantro, jalapeño, spicy sauce, avocado, cream cheese, asparagus, spicy sauce
Green Turtle Roll 12
Ebi tempura, avocado, asparagus, ebi, wasabi tobiko, mayo and unagi sauce
Gnome Roll 8
Super white tuna, avocado, mayo, masago spicy or not.
P’Dodo Roll 13
Yellowtail, salmon, tuna, asparagus, cucumber, avocado, wasabi tobiko, spicy mayo in mamenori.
Tie Me Up Roll 10
Octopus, seaweed salad, cucumber, crab, wasabi tobiko, spicy
Dynamite Roll 9
Spicy white tuna, avocado, cilantro, crab, pepper flakes
Wow Roll 14
Lightly torch-seared tuna and salmon over shrimp tempura, unagi, spicy sauce, daikon sprouts
Gladiator Dragon 12
Ebi tempura, cream cheese, mayo spicy tuna on the top
Warlock Roll 9
Spicy tuna, cilantro, avocado, spicy sauce, cucumber and tempura crumbs
Sweet Alaskan 9
Spicy salmon, crab, cream cheese, avocado

Served with miso soup

Unagi Don 19
- Fresh water eel sashimi over sushi rice
Tekka Don 20
- Tuna sashimi over sushi rice
Namasake Don 20
- Salmon sashimi over sushi rice
Hamachi Don 20
- Yellowtail sashimi over sushi rice
Chirashi 20
- Assortment of fish over sushi rice
White Tuna Don 20
-White Tuna sashimi over sushi rice
S@kura Sushi Silver 20
- California maki and 8 pieces of chef’s choice
S@kura Sushi Gold 24
- 2 tuna, 2 yellowtail, 2 salmon, 2 eel, 2 shrimp, spicy tuna roll
S@kura Sashimi 20/40
- 10 or 20 pieces chef’s choice of sashimi
S@kura Sampler Platter 25
- 4 Sashimi, 4 nigiri, 1 maki of chef’s choice
S@kura Veggi Lover Silver 15
3 roll choice oshingko asparagus cucumber, avocado, kumpyo, or shitake
S@kura Veggie Lover Gold 20
-3 Roll futomaki, tempura yam, tempura asparagus

Classic M@ki M@n@
Maki roll choice of cucumber or avocado
White Tuna 6
Tuna  6
Negi Hamachi 6
Salmon 6
Unagi 6
Super White Tuna 6
California 6
Philly 6
Spicy Tuna 6
Spider 8
Crunchy Tuna 6
Ebi Tempura 6
Rainbow 12
Dragon 12
Spicy Tako 8
Spicy Scallop 8
Sweet Potato 9
Futomaki 7

Served with Rice
Salmon Teriyaki 14
S@kura Crispy Tilapia Teriyaki 14
Chicken Teriyaki 14
Tofu Teriyaki 12

What to Eat at S@kura, Now Open