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What to Drink at Rickhouse This Summer

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You wouldn’t know it to look outside right now, but it’s officially summer! That means that at least after 3 p.m., when the fog burns off, one might find oneself hankering for a fruity and refreshing adult beverage that’s appropriate only to balmier days. Among the many seasonal, farmers’-market-driven cocktail lists about town, we turn our attention today to Rickhouse, whose barman Erick Castro (recently awarded a StarChefs honor for mixology) sends along their new list, debuting July 1, complete with J. Peterman-style descriptions.


Ginger’s Trois $8

It’s as light and effervescent as the twinkle of a clouds silver lining. Snappy and sparkling, this bubbly cocktail provides every minty answer you desire, and all without the trouble of having to ask a single question. [Ed. Note: This drink takes its name from the gay bar that occupied Rickhouse’s address for many years and was quite popular among the elderly and indigent.]

Plymouth Gin, Sparkling Wine, Fresh Lime, Fresh Mint, Fresh Ginger and Bitters

Bitter Delight $8

Ambivalent yet cooling, this aptly named beauty is overflowing with mixed emotions and promises of a good time. Created by the bighearted and magnanimous David Nepove, this cocktail is one that is meant to be enjoyed when the sun is warm and the air is crisp.

Campari, Cointreau, Fresh Grapefruit and Sparkling Wine

Cherry Blossom Cobbler $8

From the depths of the Orient, comes this sultry and seductive tigress that is heart-bent on sending a shock through your fingers and a chill up your spine. We insist you proceed with caution, lest you lose yourself within its snowy abyss.

Yamazaki 12 year, Organic Cherry Blossom Jam, Fresh Lemon Juice and Seasonal Fruit

Paper Plane $9

This dandy little drink is every bit as playful and refreshing as its name implies. Created by the witty and whimsical Sam Ross, this concoction does the trick when fueling up for an evening of merriment and sexy parties.

Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino and Fresh Lemon Juice

Sutter Street Swizzle $10

Brazen and uninhibited, this beverage makes no apologies for its chilly disposition. For alas, even within the great depths of the Amazon will you find nothing quite as alluring and enticing as the subtle, yet untamed flavors of this exotic spiced beverage.

Cachaca, Falernum, Pineapple Gomme, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Lime Juice and Bitters

The Big Dig $8

A delectable and enterprising adventure that is attractively saturated in the sweet taste of lost inhibitions. Seasonal berries and sarsparilla sweetness unite to form an appealing combination that is one part carbonated fizz and one part summer bliss.

Beefeater Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Organic Raspberries, Artisanal Root Beer and a Dash of Absinthe

Double Duchess $10

This floral and malty diva is every bit as moody as she is sassy, yet with a wink and smile redeems the valiant effort. Not for the fragile heart, this bittersweet treat is reserved for the wandering soul that finds sanity in the first sip and looks to lose it by the third.

Genever, St. Germain, Yellow Chartreuse, Fresh Lemon Juice and Grapefruit Bitters

High-Plains Drifter $8

Earthy and mean, this glass of bad attitude is known for providing courage to the brave, and a kick in the pants to the timid. It’s just the curly wolf to have in your corner when you’re going through the mill and there’s trouble in the air.

Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro Nonino and Celery Bitters

Flora Tristan $8

Elegant and plush, this Latin American starlet is guaranteed to make the knees weak and the lip quiver. Created by the insightful and majestic Thad Vogler, we hold this tasty treat as the perfect example of complexity achieved though simplicity.

Pisco, Dry Vermouth, Fresh Lemon Juice, Raspberry Syrup and Free-Range Egg

Berry O’Brien $8

A drink that is as attractive to the ladies, as it is suitable for a diplomat. Do not let its innocent flavor fool you, for this drink is precisely the right combination of Whiskey served tall with just a dash of Irish charm.

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Fresh Blackberries, Fresh Lemon Juice, Ginger Beer and Bitters

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What to Drink at Rickhouse This Summer