What The Stars of Friends Ate for Ten Years Straight; Eva Longoria Plans Beso Counter-Suit

• Jennifer Aniston’s female co-stars on Friends admit they followed the star in eating the same thing every day: a Cobb salad with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans. [Daily News]

• Eva Longoria Parker’s attorney calls the lawsuit from her Vegas Beso partners “without merit” and says the star plans a counter-suit. [L.A. Times]

• Drinking pickle juice is a surprisingly quick remedy for exercise-induced muscle cramps, though science is unsure exactly why it works. [NYT]

• Restaurant analysts are concerned that the high rate of unemployment among young men is one of the major factors in slowed fast-food sales. [NRN]

• California Pizza Kitchen added at least six new items to its menu, like Italian deli sandwiches, roasted artichoke and spinach pizza, and baby clam linguine. [CPK]

• New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants to introduce national legislation to curb “honey fraud,” by which Chinese honey importers are attempting to bypass U.S. honey import taxes, hurting the American market. [AP]

• Claiming that servers and bartenders tend to under-report their tip-based income, the IRS has ramped up service-industry audits. [Marketplace/NPR]

• Food stamp programs in at least 39 states leave applicants waiting weeks or months to receive their aid. [AP]

• Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has suggested that the best way to clean up the Gulf oil spill is by pouring beer on it, and letting “those microscopic things” consume the oil. [VF]

What The Stars of Friends Ate for Ten Years Straight; Eva Longoria