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Virbila Deems District Gutsy And Delicious; Chego Kicks Los Angeles In The Teeth

District Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Pig’s feet confit, rabbit crepinette, and bone marrow pierogies at District are bold and well-executed, reports Sherry Irene Virbila, who feels that Kris Morningstar “strikes the right balance with interesting, even unusual food without indulging in shock value. This is all about flavor and integrity of ingredients.” [L.A. Times]

Los Angeles magazine thinks Chego’s “cuisine is as kick-you-in-the-teeth flavorful” as Kogi’s, “though here it comes in a bowl, not a tortilla.” [Los Angeles]

After bemoaning the fast-food homogenization of Lima, Merrill Shindler recommends El Pollo Inka as one of the city’s best Peruvian places, even if it doesn’t serve guinea pig or start with Mo and end with Chica. [Daily Breeze]

“Barn Rau is perhaps the most unlikely Muslim restaurant in Los Angeles,” writes Jonathan Gold on North Hollywood’s Islamic Thai restaurant right before smacking into the Prince of Malaysia, decent wings, and oodles of acceptable Thai bar eats. [L.A. Weekly]

Have any suggestions for good barbecue Mr. Gold? Does he ever, sounding off usual suspects like Bludso’s, Woody’s, and Phillip’s, as well as goat ribs at Phong Dih and Thai chickens from Sapp. [L.A. Weekly]

Dreaming of family-style dinners at Chianti’s Officina della Bistecca? You can come close to the experience every Friday night at Mozza’s Mangiare in Famiglia. [L.A. Weekly]

Virbila Deems District Gutsy And Delicious; Chego Kicks Los Angeles In