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User Reviews: A ‘Sexy Euro Scene’ at Bobo; Sorella ‘Amazing’

We have full faith in the culinary opinions of our stalwart critics, Adam Platt, Rob Patronite, and Robin Raisfeld, but sometimes what we really want to hear is what the average diner has to say. So we turn to’s restaurant user reviews for guidance. This week: Café Boulud, Smith & Wollensky, Bobo, Sorella, and the Spotted Pig.

Café Boulud, current rating: 7
“Thank you for ruining our Father’s Day, that is all I have to say.” Amvg

Smith & Wollensky, current rating: 7
“Great steak … charred outside, nice and ruby-red rare inside. Don’t like it that way? Then your testosterone level is WAAY too low.” PresPres1017

Bobo, current rating: 7
“It has a nice sexy Euro scene sans the fancy loafers, hair gel and indoor scarves you tend to get in Soho.” West4th

Sorella, current rating: 8
“Did not expect the meal to be as amazing as it was. I nearly licked every dish.” Hayden25

The Spotted Pig, current rating: 6
“If I wanted to be condescended to by a hipster waitstaff (for the most part — our server was nice, but everyone else was a bit surly), I could just go to Prime Meats in my own neighborhood.” JMR

Surely you have opinions about the places where you’ve been eating. Leave a review for your favorite (or least-favorite) restaurant, and you just might find yourself featured here.

User Reviews: A ‘Sexy Euro Scene’ at Bobo; Sorella