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Umami Spreading to Studio City

Umami is headed north
Umami is headed north Photo: Yogma via Flickr

What’s next for Umami Burger? Eater reports the next extension in this chain that breeds like a bunny will hit the San Fernando Valley next fall, with an eye on September 1. Showing owner Adam Fleischman’s considerable hustle, this will be the fifth Umami to sprout in sixteen months, a feat that only took El Cholo 83 years. The new 60-seat burger restaurant will be posted at Ventura Blvd. and Laurel Canyon, with an outdoor space and appropriate licenses to get you loaded on beer, wine, and cocktails. And since no two Umamis are the same, what will it look like?

The room will apparently veer from Umami’s Japanese roots just like the outpost at Fred Segal did. This one is being designed in the “Hollywood Regency”-style that instantly makes us conjure visions of Kelly Wearstler and the Viceroy.

It’s frankly been refreshing to follow the rise of this home-grown burger joint, especially given the distinctive look that marks each new location. Once Umami hits the Valley, we can only imagine a spread beyond county borders is coming too. San Diego? Vegas? New York? Where do you think Umami is headed next and what will it look like?

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Umami Spreading to Studio City