Today in New York Cookbooks: Brooklyn for Food Lovers, Frankies, and Cupcakes for Dudes

Photo: Courtesy Artisan Books

Three New York–oriented contributions to the food-book world are in the spotlight today, each at a different stage on the path from twinkle in a writer’s eye to the shelf of a bookstore near you. Already available in stores is Sherri Eisenberg’s The Food Lovers’ Guide to Brooklyn, a neighborhood-by-neighborhood breakdown that goes beyond restaurant recs to include groceries, cooking-supply shops, and the like — think Ed Levine’s 1997 guidebook New York Eats, only Brooklyn centric.

The Frankies Spuntino Cookbook is gearing up for a release next week (those who ordered in advance have it already). Check out its awesome cover in person at a signing, gallery show, and party this Sunday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Café Pedlar, where you can bid on Sarah Rutherford’s original illustrations and nosh on cookbook-inspired snacks.

Last and quite possibly least, “masculine” cupcake purveyor Butch Bakery struck a deal with Wiley to bring the recipes for his camouflage-clad snack cakes to the world. To whet our appetites for the print version, he’s also filming a reality show about his ongoing process to start up a brick-and-mortar version of the delivery-only bakery. Hasn’t the world had enough of gimmicky desserts, cupcake shops, and cake-related reality programming? No way, Arrick tells Fork in the Road: “I think the cupcakes craze is on the upswing. It’s here to stay.”

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Today in New York Cookbooks: Brooklyn for Food Lovers, Frankies, and