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The Animal Chefs Are Huge Buddha-Heads

Jon Shook sans red-eye removal
Jon Shook sans red-eye removal Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Rodelio Aglibot, the star of TLC’s new series Food Buddha, reveals his local motion to Modern Luxury. Like Anthony B. (the chef), Aglibot praises L.A. dining, explaining that this is “the best food city in the country, period. It’s such a diverse city with such a rawness and trueness to it. The food there is really unpretentious. Outside of Tokyo, you get the best sushi, outside of China you get the best Chinese food, outside of Thailand you get the best Thai food.” Right on, Mr. Buddha! Unlike Bourdain however, this guy really knows the city. So where does he like to eat?

The former Koi chef and Yi Cuisine owner says he loves Osteria Mozza and Angeli Caffe of course, and on the more casual end of things, might be found over pancakes at Norm’s and braised oxtail at Thomas Keller favorite Versailles.

And speaking of oxtail, Aglibot shouts out to chefs Jon and Vinny at Animal, revealing that the duo used Yi Cuisine’s kitchen to run their Two Dudes catering business. He says he’s proud of his “boys” and “what they accomplished” and apparently has no problem forgoing the principles of ahimsa to routinely tear into pork belly sandwiches and pig ears. So if you’d already suspected that Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo might be massive Buddha-heads, this could be the smoking gun.

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The Animal Chefs Are Huge Buddha-Heads