A Map of Success for Taste of Chicago

Can you find Waldo?
Can you find Waldo? Photo: courtesy Taste of Chicago

We’ve been so focused on Lollapalooza’s vendor list that we almost forgot that this weekend begins the Taste of Chicago madness. I mean, who can’t wait for the insane crowds, horribly hot weather, and more food than any one man or woman should ever eat? Ok…don’t answer that. Luckily, an official map has been released that might help you steer through some of the chaos, and land you at one of the better stands in the mix. It’s all interactive and flashy, and entirely appropriate for the largest food festival in the world. Below are a few spots we are really looking forward to. And don’t forget, Mario Batali will pop by the festival this weekend, while Giada de Laurentiis will swing by next weekend.

Floriole Cafe and Bakery might have just opened an outlet up in Lincoln Park, but Sandra Holl and her crew have been dishing out great pastries for years now at markets around the city. They’ll be hanging out around Buckingham Fountain.

Our experience with Iyanze is solely based on the food truck (all packaged items) that sits by the Sheraton Hotel in Streeterville. We could also look forward to insanely spicy goat stews with rice. Hopefully they don’t tame the fire for the crowds.

As The Stew reported, Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen will be dishing out corned beef sandwiches this year, instead of brisket sandwiches. A Manny’s corned beef sandwich is always a good move.

And if all else fails, a hot dog from Gold Coast Dogs is a perfect treat for a hot Chicago day.

A Map of Success for Taste of Chicago