Taste-Testing Dry Rosés; Americans Are Drinking Less Beer

• As rosés become ever more popular, wineries are making more bad rosés. Jon Bonné recommends some good ones. [Chron]

Café Royale is hosting a ‘hipster apocalypse’ on Thursday. [Tenderblog]

• Unilever won’t let anyone else use the brand name ‘popsicle.’ [Grub Street NY]

Mission Beach Café launches a BBQ-themed menu today that will run all summer. [Eater]

• All but four of the top 30 beers in the U.S. are showing declining sales, and breweries are freaking out. [Ad Age]

• Hundreds showed up for an annual cheese-rolling contest in Brockworth, England despite the event being cancelled after eighteen people were injured last year. [Telegraph]

• What’s up with this blurring of Sandra Lee’s June Cleaver shirt by the Food Network? [Food Network Humor]

• Gary Vaynerchuk, excitable host of Wine Library TV, responds to every email he receives. [New Yorker]

• Online ordering service Snapfinger will soon add independent restaurants to its roster. [NYT]

• Starbucks has inked a deal to distribute its products in South Africa. [WSJ]

• Workers at Etsy get a free home-cooked meal every Wednesday. [WSJ]

Taste-Testing Dry Rosés; Americans Are Drinking Less Beer