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Starr and Painter Moving Ahead on Il Pittore

Corner of Third and Bainbridge
Corner of Third and Bainbridge Photo: Collin Keefe

Stephen Starr and his culinary director-turned partner, Chris Painter, are moving ahead on Il Pittore, an Italian restaurant the duo have planned for the former Ansill space at Third and Bainbridge Sts. While the property is still under agreement, the majority of the project’s details remain nebulous, according to Starr. “It will be casual, I do know that,” Starr told Grub Street. “And we’ll keep the price points to a reasonable level.”

As far as what regions of Italy will be represented on the menu are still up in the air. “We’re doing research on that right now,” Starr said. “Chris is in Europe as we speak.”

Like Iron Chef Morimoto and Douglas Rodriguez, who Starr joined forces with to create restaurants Morimoto and Alma de Cuba respectively, Painter, who Craig LaBan named as “Best New Chef” in 2000 for his work at Starr’s now shuttered Tangerine, is only the third chef from the Starr stable of culinary talent to enter his pantheon of partnerships. “I believe he’s extremely valuable and can produce,” Starr said of Painter. “He’s entitled to be a partner.”

Starr and Painter Moving Ahead on Il Pittore